The Basics

  • Play up to 3 accounts simultaneously
  • IP exemptions provided
  • MQ2 (or scripting/hacking of any variety) is not permitted
  • be considerate and respect reasonable established camps

How to Get Help

  1. Submit a /petition (the /petition command is currently broken)
  2. Post in the #help channel in Discord
    • Guides and GMs will get a notification immediately
  3. Send a /tell to any in-game Guide or GM
    • If you can see them, they are on duty
  4. Send a direct message on Discord to any GM

In-Game Conflicts

Very simply: don’t be a dick.

If you are a dick, an admin may impose any of the following consequences, as they judge appropriate:

  • time out
  • forfeit item(s) in dispute
  • reduce character level
  • 7-day suspension
  • permanent ban

This is a hobby server run by a volunteer staff; do not expect admins to be online or available immediately when an incident occurs. Use a utility such as Fraps to take video (preferred) or screenshots (acceptable) that admins can review as evidence when they are available.

Spawn Competition

  • this is a raid-focused server; clean competition for raid targets is to be expected
  • be a kind winner and be a graceful loser
  • guilds are strongly encouraged to setup rotation agreements
  • do not interfere with groups in the zone or with other guilds mobilizing
  • the first player/group/guild to engage a contested spawn is entitled to complete the fight free of interference until the NPC dies or all players wipe
  • to assist in enforcing this rule, this server logs NPC aggro
  • if necessary, high-competition NPCs will report in /shout who engaged them first

At-Your-Own-Risk Zones

Due to their difficulty, raiding in some zones is entirely “at your own risk.” Admins will not provide any assistance with corpse recovery, stuck characters, spawn competition, or any in-game conflicts in these zones.

Admins will respond to issues regarding bugs, quests, loot, and NPCs in these zones as normal.

  • Plane of Hate
  • Plane of Fear
  • Plane of Sky
  • Veeshan’s Peak
  • Temple of Veeshan
  • Sleeper’s Tomb
  • Vex Thal
  • Plane of Time

“At-your-own-risk” does not mean these zones are entirely FFA and a shield for egregious bad behavior. The server community may decide to change this rule.

Disruptive Guilds

If a guild demonstrates a pattern of behavior that contributes negatively to the server community over a sustained period of time (not just 1 or 2 incidents), then the Head GM may decide to disband the guild and, optionally, ban its officers.


Any admin decision may be appealed if the resolution is not satisfactory to any party. An appeal may be made to either:

  • The Head GM -or-
  • a tribunal of 6 players (process to be described)
    • to prevent abuse, a mistrial will typically result in the appeal being denied, although GMs will ultimately decide on a case-by-case basis

To initiate an appeal, contact a GM on Discord. The result of an appeal is final.


Character Names

Anything not prohibited is allowed. We appreciate puns and cleverness. Name changes are available, just ask any Guide or GM (first name changes are posted in the #name-changes channel in Discord).

We do not routinely monitor character names. Excessively vulgar names may be removed or modified at any time by an Admin on sight.

Impersonating a player or admin or using character names to harass another player is being a dick and will get you banned.

Out-of-Era Items and Spells

Out-of-era items looted by players will not be removed unless there is a substantive reason to do so (e.g. the item is overpowering or used in an exploit). The server keeps detailed backups of player inventories, so don’t hesitate to ask us if you notice something missing: we can double check very easily.

Out-of-era spells may be removed at any time without notice.

Characters using Clone-A-Character are subject to additional restrictions on items that require proof-of-ownership.

GM/Guide Assistance on Raids

While the server population is on the low side, Guides and GMs are available to help facilitate raids. This includes:

  • summoning players to a reasonable staging area
  • help with buffs
  • help with corpse recovery (if necessary)

Admins will not alter the risk/reward balance of encounters.