These guidelines apply only to Sulien. All other Guides and GMs use separate accounts from their player characters.

This page documents my thoughts on how I can play on the server as the Head GM fairly and without disrupting the player experience. Regardless of whether or not I play a character with GM powers, I still run the server and need to be aware of my dual roles. Documenting this objectively allows others to hold me to my commitments.

  • Always use the GM flag (green name) when performing GM/CS functions
  • Turn the GM flag off when playing as a player (PAAP)
  • Alternate loot rule for high-end items and raid loot
    • never loots high-end/raid items unless the item is no-drop and no other player character can loot before rot
    • instead, permitted to summon a desired item once the item has dropped 2 (3?) times in the character’s presence (drops don’t count if the character was not on the raid)
    • never loots cash gems/items in raids or groups
  • Characters used to PAAP may not have out-of-era items, spells, skills, or AAs at any time
  • Characters used to PAAP must evolve and change the same as normal player characters
    • do not use for testing or debugging
    • do not modify PAAP characters in ways not accessible to normal players (e.g. GM commands)
    • no shortcuts for skills

All of Sulien’s PAAP characters were imported from the Legacy of Norrath (LoN) server data as part of the original import; these characters were the test cases.