Your character cloning request is in the works!

Typically this takes 2 minutes or less. If there’s no magic after 5 minutes, or if you are missing items after an import, please post in #help on Discord for assistance.

We’re working on a system to show you the status of your request(s).

What’s next?

After your clone is complete, visit The Eternal Fieri in the Plane of Knowledge for help getting your skills back to normal.

Melee and hybrid classes can purchase Tomes for combat disciplines in the Library in the Plane of Knowledge.

Submit a /petition or post in #help on Discord for help with:

  • levels higher than 57
  • reproducing any items that Clone-A-Character missed
  • restoring trade skills
  • clones using data from EverQuest Live servers

Admins may request a screenshot as evidence of the item, skill, or level you request.