Playing with friends is a lot of the fun, especially for EQ raids. Going through the slog again just to catch up to where you left off isn’t always fun. EQEmu refugees from other servers are welcome here.

To help you get going faster, we have several options to transfer or clone your character(s) from other servers.

If you have a large group or a guild (minimum 20 characters) that would like to transfer together, please contact a GM on Discord and we’ll work with you to customize the process.


This is the best option if you can still login to your character(s) on the server you are cloning from. It automatically levels your character and restores your equipment, inventory, bank, shared bank, and spellbook.

Characters from other EQEmu servers can be cloned most reliably, but you’re welcome to try any /outputfile from any server (including Live servers). Clone-A-Character is entirely self-service.

For more information or to start a clone >

Outfitter Merchants

Outfitters are for players who can’t use Clone-A-Character or who are missing a lot of items after a clone due to out-of-era items being stripped. They allow you to equip your character with standard planar-level gear that will get you ready for Velious raids, including epics and keys.

Just create a level 1 character. After an admin levels your character to the desired level, you’ll be given a special range slot item that will teleport you to the Outfitters a single time.

You will receive a fixed number of Outfitter Coins, which are the alternate currency that Outfitters accept. To use these coins, first convert them from an item into alt currency by opening your Inventory, then the “Alt. Currency” tab, and clicking the “Reclaim” button with the coins on your cursor.

Shop around first and spend your coins wisely. All sales are final and admins are not permitted to give you more coins.You can shop from any of the Outfitter merchants, not just the one for your class.

These merchants can be easily customized for large groups or guilds.

To use the Outfitters, please post in #help on Discord and a GM will get you started. You do not have to be online.

EQEmu Server Transfer

We happily accept database dumps or backups from other EQEmu servers. Just contact a GM or post in #help on Discord to get started.

Staff Assistance

If none of these options meet your needs, just post in #help on Discord and an admin will help you out!