Single-Group Your Epic Quest (instances are live)!

Players are now able to single-group items and turn-ins in the Plane of Fear for all epic quests. Talk to Patchious, who can be found in Feerrott, about confronting The Little Death.

The Little Death is a custom instance of the Plane of Fear intended to make epic quest items accessible to single groups. Since the risk is reduced, so too is the reward. Planar class armor does still drop off of the usual NPCs. For Necromancers, one Slime Blood of Cazic-Thule can be obtained per instance even though Cazic Thule does not spawn.

In the coming weeks, we will be releasing additional instances to cover all other raid-level epic quest bottlenecks, including the Undead Bard, Plane of Sky Islands 4-5, PoS Island 7, Ragefire, Venril Sathir, and considering a few others. Feedback is always welcome!

This is a Beta release of instances and is likely to contain bugs, so please don’t hesitate to report problems (screenshots/logs are very helpful also). All Guides/GMs can assist with instancing issues.