Dev Updates 6/29

  • The Emissary of Thule pet is immune to fear.
  • NPCs will once again shout when they death touch.
  • Coralyn Kelpmaiden will now spawn in the expected location in Kedge Keep.
  • NPC Guildmasters in classic city zones will no longer path around.
  • Ooglyn will now correctly spawn the event for the Shaman Epic quest.
  • An Iskar manslayer in Field of Bone will now correctly spawn a lesser spirit when killed for the Shaman Epic Quest.
  • Durkis Battlemore has returned to his normal location in Butcherblock Mountains.
  • Undead and all NPCs level 18+ will now aggro regardless of level difference. This converts the server to classic behavior from a newer behavior that relies on level ranges.
  • Translocate spells for all in-era zones will now be scribe-able at the appropriate levels. Small Portal Fragments now stack to 100.