Flavortown is officially LIVE!

Flavortown is now LIVE thanks to many folks who have helped us develop, especially Secrets from the Legacy of Norrath server, our class advisors, and our Guides Someone, Gareth, and Rhiel!

Our next major milestone is going to be the release of the Scars of Velious expansion! Right now, we have tentatively scheduled the release of Velious for mid-to-late May. We will provide an exact launch date in the coming days.

What does “Live” mean?

Live means that all raid content through Kunark is ready for players, the server is stable enough to handle a reasonable population, the website is ready, and our tools for cloning characters from other servers have been tested and are ready.

On a personal level, it also means that I feel this project has enough support to provide our players with a stable EverQuest experience for at least the next 2 years.

It doesn’t mean everything is perfect. We expect to find small issues with items, spells, and NPCs into the forseeable future. We also still have a few non-raid revamped zones to restore and other polishing to do.