Dev Updates 3/31

I’ve neglected to post an update for a few days, despite a bunch of work that’s been done. This is a combined list cover the past week.

  • The classic version of Highpass Hold is once again accessible. Please report any issues with the zone using the /bug command. We’ve verified that the expected NPCs and quests work correctly, but there may be minor issues with pathing, spawn locations, or loot.
  • LDoN camps and zone entrances have been removed.
  • Portals from the Plane of Knowledge to locations in Velious, Luclin, and PoP have been removed. These portals will return when the associated era launches.
  • The Plane of Knowledge portal to Neriak has been fixed and has been returned to service.
  • The drop rate of the Hand of the Reaper has been adjusted.
  • The likelihood of a goblin bodyguard spawning in Temple of Droga has slightly increased based on player feedback.
  • Players should now be able to see buffs on both PCs and NPCs again.
  • The Bandolier and Potion Belt are now available.
  • Hierophant Prime Grekal’s loot table has been adjusted to match the drop rarity listed on the P99 wiki.
  • Kunark Dragons will now see through invisibility and normal hide.
  • Player corpses will now last for 7 days and can be resurrected within the first 24 hours.
  • Guides and GM will assist with corpse retrieval, especially while server population is low. Just /petition or post in the #help channel in Discord.
  • A sarnak revenant in Lake of Ill Omen will no longer drop the non-quest version of “Stem of Candlestick”.
  • Many tradeskill components for Fletching, Alchemy, and Tinkering with weight 0.1 now stack to 100. Let us know if you encounter other low-weight items that could reasonable stack to 50 or 100.
  • A bug in Clone-A-Character may make shared bank items inaccessible. Many (hopefully all) have been fixed, but don’t hesitate to /petition or post in #help if you experience problems with your shared bank.
  • Spell vendors in The Overthere are now on the correct faction and will not be KOS to everyone.
  • Buffs that grant additional exp can no longer be dispelled. They can still be clicked off manually.