Dev Updates 3/19

  • The click effect on Spear of Fate has been fixed.
  • Items with Fungal Regrowth as a worn effect will not snare their user anymore.
  • Tweaked the drop rates on Manastone and Bag of Sewn Evil Eye so they will be rare and common, respectively.
  • The froglok forager and froglok hunter will now spawn in multiple locations and wander, instead of sitting still.
  • NPCs will no longer lose aggro based on distance. Once the server enters the Velious era, this behavior will be re-enabled in accordance with the EverQuest timeline.
  • Subject to further discussion with players, the Manastone now works in all zones except for Veeshan’s Peak. It will not work in any future expansions when released.
  • Dispel spells are unresistable for now, until I can implement the classic behavior of being unresistable on self/group members but resistable when cast on NPCs.
  • Robe of Living Fungus can now be worn by half-elf druids. Equality for druids!
  • The volunteer page on the website has been updated with very introductory information on the Guide Program and Class Advisors.