Setup Release Notes

Spell reagents, food, and drinks now stack up to 100 items.

All characters now start with Iron Rations (x100), Water Flasks (x100), SoW potions, and some platinum.

Zones for expansions beyond Kunark are no longer accessible.

When you die, you will not lose your memorized spells.

The maximum level on the server is 60.

The ROF2 zip file has been updated so that files are not read-only by default.

Scrolls for all player spells level 61 and higher have been removed from the game entirely until we advance to the appropriate expansion.

Scrolls for all player spells level 56 and higher are no longer available on merchants.  The Kunark-era spell trade-in quests are still available at the outposts in Firiona Vie and The Overthere.

NPCs related to the LDON expansion have been removed from classic zones.

Spell icons have been fixed.

The Extended Target window is now available.

The AA ability “Origin” is available as a QoL improvement; all other abilities are disabled until we launch Luclin.